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A Veteran Oakton Locksmith Warns Homeowners To Check Their Home Security

A long-time Oakton Locksmith, warns homeowners that their home may not be as safe as they think. 
Recently, more and more calls to Oakton locksmith technicians, have been to residential homes after break-ins, rather than the usual car lockout calls. With over 2 million home robberies each year, more and more homeowners are questioning whether or not, their current home security measures are enough. According to our Oakton locksmith, they probably are not.  Experts estimate that over 95 percent of those break-ins were forced entry.  Our Oakton locksmith was happy to share some tips on how homeowners can ensure the security of their homes.

The very first tip, shared by our Oakton locksmith was, double check your doors and windows.  In 90 percent of all home robberies, entry was gained by either a front or back door.  Make sure you are using high quality door locks and heavy-duty deadbolts.  If you have sliding glass doors, simply using a wooden dowel or stick into the door track can make the door more secure. When thieves use a door to enter a home, the most common method they use, according to our Oakton locksmith, is kicking in the door. The weakest point of a door is the strike plate.  Upgrading your strike plate to a heavy duty one, and using solid core doors is the best way to prevent this type of entry.

Our Oakton locksmith said, that most burglars will pass right by a home that looks difficult to break into.  They are looking for easy targets.  You can make your home unattractive to thieves, by taking these simple precautions given by our Oakton locksmith. Even though, most break-ins occur though doors, that does not mean you can overlook your windows.  It will not do you any good to install new locks and make sure your doors are secure, if you leave your windows open with only a screen, between a would-be thief and your valuables.   According to our Oakton locksmith, you don't have to go to great lengths to secure your windows, you just need to take some precautions.  Don't leave your windows open wide enough for someone to crawl in.  You can leave your windows open 5 or 6 inches, just use frame pins to keep it from being opened anymore.