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Have you taken a look around the outside of your home?  The advice shared by our Oakton locksmith, was to make sure that there are no hiding places around your doors or first floor windows.  Thieves don't want to be seen, so they will look for someplace to hide while breaking into a home.  Large plants and shrubs should be keep trimmed, so that they do not present a place to hide.  The same goes for your  first floor windows.  Our Oakton locksmith said that, too many people will make their doors safe but neglect to protect their windows.  Keeping your windows clear of foliage or any other large objects.  This includes tree branches.

A state of the art, home security system is always going to be the best way to protect your home. Contact your Oakton locksmith to find out more about installing a system or upgrading and existing system if you have one.

The last, very important tip, shared by our Oakton locksmith, was get to know your neighbors.  Take time to get to know them, agree to watch each others homes.